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Our Wider offer


Music coordinator: Mr Peter Turner

Class Music Lessons

Each year group receives a block of music lessons per half term. The content of the class lessons links to current topic work undertaken in class. We use the Music Express scheme (second edition) to address all elements of the music curriculum.

Listening skills

All children have the opportunity to listen to music in whole school assemblies three times per week. The genre varies from classical to jazz to pop to world music. The genres are carefully selected to cover a vast range of listening experiences. A wall display informs pupils of the genre and artist/composer.


We pride ourselves in our singing at Cann Hall. We sing in weekly whole school assemblies, in class music lessons and in the wider community. We sing carols every year to parents in the playground and often have theme days where we will perform songs and dance routines for parents to marvel at.

Performance opportunities

Through our junior choir, we provide opportunities for children outside of school. 

  • The choir have performed at the Princes Theatre in Clacton-On-Sea since 2014. 
  • The choir performs regularly at two local residential homes.

The choir also sings:

  • At the annual governors’ tea party
  • For Harvest and Easter ceremonies at the local church
  • Carols at the Christmas fair in school.

Wider musical opportunities

We offer wider musical opportunities to our children:

  • Key Stage 2 choir
  • Key Stage 2 Recorders

1-2-1 music tuition

We currently offer the opportunity to have 1-2-1 tuition in guitar and piano with peripatetic music tutors. Learning a musical instrument develops thinking, organisational coordination and concentration skills. It also develops diction and language in ensemble singing work. It also gives great pleasure to the player and the audience and heightens self-esteem.